Best hair colors 2020: for home and professional use

The modern cosmetic industry has presented the representatives of the best half of humanity with the opportunity to both give the strands a shade and completely change the color of the hair. However, the widest assortment of goods not only encourages experiments with appearance, but also sometimes confuses women. What product should you use to get the desired result while keeping your curls healthy? The rating of the best hair dyes popular on the market in 2020 is intended to help in the difficult choice. For further info, click here: best blonde hair dye

What you need to know about dyes

Choosing the best paint, giving the curls the desired shade and not damaging their structure, is a whole science that professional hairdressers own. If you want to achieve a good result at home, you need to get acquainted with the properties of a cosmetic product.


Bleaching agents are used to remove the natural pigment, melanin. They lighten the curls by 6-8 levels. Attention! Frequent use causes permanent damage to hair.

Permanent preparations can radically change color and cope with gray hair. The pigment stays on the hair for up to three months, then gradually begins to fade.

Demi-permanent (semi-permanent) dyes contain ammonia derivatives (ethanolamine) and stay on the strands for no more than a month. For activation, 1.5-3% oxide is sufficient.

Toning agents cannot change the tone of the hair, their purpose is to add a light shade or enhance the color of natural curls. The composition does not contain ammonia or its substitutes. Such products are easily washed out and do not injure the strands.

Hydrogen oxide

If you are going to change the color of your hair, remember that the paint itself is unable to give the strands a lasting shade, because the dyeing process is a chemical reaction. In order to start it, it is necessary to use hydrogen peroxide - an oxidizing agent. The higher its value, the more durable the result is:

1.5-2 percent: for long-lasting toning;

3 percent: for bleached or natural hair, as well as painting over light gray hair;

6 percent: coloring and lightening up to two tones;

9 percent: coloring and lightening up to four tones;

12 percent: coloring and lightening up to five tones.

Important! Remember that a high percentage of oxygen is harmful to hair. Never use an oxidizing agent from one manufacturer and a colorant from another.

Best hair dyes (household), top rated in 2020

Multi Cream, Joanna

The Polish manufacturer of cosmetics has recently appeared on the Russian market, but its products have already been loved for their good quality and low cost. Permanent paint, designed to give curls a three-dimensional shade, which lasts up to 2.5 months, was no exception. The tool perfectly masks even one hundred percent gray hair.

Recital Preference, L'oreal

The products of the French concern L'oreal have long been the benchmark for hair products. Therefore, using the Recital Preference paint, intended for dyeing at home, you will not get a “surprise” in the form of a discrepancy between the actual color and the declared on the package.

Perfect Mousse, Schwarzkopf

If you have never held a hairdressing brush in your hands and think that uniform dyeing is the prerogative of a professional master, then pay attention to a product from Schwarzkopf. It is as easy to use as a regular shampoo. Thanks to the gentle foam, the product is perfectly applied, spreads quickly and does not flow.

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